The first step to knowing what happens with gas or electric ranges is to look at them. These devices whose operation is very simple, are usually easy to fix (if you have the skills). Its components are made for quick assembly and disassembly. Most of its problems when they stop working involve damages with the power supply and gas ignition. This article will explain how the key parts of both electric and gas ovens work and how to offer regular maintenance to prevent expensive problems.

Caution: Before doing any work on a gas or electric range, make sure it’s unplugged, or turn off the electric power to the unit by removing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker at the main entrance panel or at a separate panel. If there is a grounding wire to the range, disconnect it. Also, close the gas supply valve to shut off the unit’s gas supply.

How to Repair a Gas or Electric Range

Disassembling a Gas or Electric Range? A gas range cabinet comes apart very easily. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Take out the screws that hold the panels, and pull off the control knobs. On the control panel the knobs are friction-fit; pull them straight off. Some knobs may have set screws in the base of the knobs; back out these screws using a screwdriver or Allen wrench and pull off the knobs.
  • Step 2: Remove the back service panel on the control panel by backing out a series of screws around the edge of the panel. To remove the front panel, take off the control knobs and remove a series of mounting screws that hold the decorative panel to the frame. These screws may be hidden by molding or trim; pry off the molding or trim with a screwdriver, or take out several screws.
  • Step 3: To gain access to the burner assemblies, remove the burner grates and then the top of the range. The entire range top should either lift up and off the range or open up and back on hinges. The oven door can usually be removed by pulling it straight up off the hinges on both sides of the door. Some hinges have a latch that must be unlocked before the door can be removed.
  • Step 4: If the surface light of the range burns out, remove retaining screws and panels as necessary to gain access to the bulb. Replace the burned-out bulb with a new one of the same type and wattage; check the ends of the old bulb for this information. Then replace any remaining panels.
  • Step 5: If the oven light burns out, unscrew it and remove it from the oven. Replace the burned-out bulb with a new one of the same wattage, made for oven use.

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