Like all systems, a dishwasher can experience problems from time to time. Sometimes, it may be hard to tell that it is developing problems. It is only after a failure that you can tell something needs to be done to ensure that you don’t keep dirty dishes in your house. If you encounter any of the following problems, it is prudent to have your appliance looked at; they are a sign that your dishwasher has broken down and needs repair attention:

The floor around your dishwasher is soaking wet

As usual, poor dish stacking can contribute to leaks and this is more so if you put too much into your appliance at once. Your floor becomes a big puddle each and every time you run a load. Whenever the floor around the dishwasher’s door has some worn spots or has cracks, it means there could be an issue with pipe connections. Look at the pipe connections to ensure that they are securely fastened. Avoid stacking too much dishes all at once. And if the problem persists consult a pro to help in fixing it.

It does not turn on

This is a common problem with dishwashers and it could be because the fuse has blown up. Other times it could be because the circuit has broken, so you need an electrician to check the wiring of your kitchen. They will be able to advise you especially if there are burns.

Odd noises

Sometimes, strange sounds do come from an appliance and are a cause for concern. While some odd sounds may be attributed to silverware or rattling dishes, others such as thumping and humming could be an indication of yet another big problem with valve and pumps. And the humming could also be attributable to a faulty motor. A dishwasher repair professionals will be able to check whether the motor is damaged.

Dishes don’t get cleaned

Nothing is worse than opening up the appliance after a cycle, only to find that everything in there is still dirty. A simple reason for this could be that you didn’t stack your dishes the right way. The dishwasher could also be experiencing this problem due to a clogged filter or spray arm. To figure out the problem, reload the dishes and run another cycle. However, you need to make sure that you use enough detergent. A technician can come in handy if this does not work as the solution.

Dirty water in your dishwasher

Dirty water or excess water left in your dishwasher means that there is clogging somewhere. You need to take a look at dishwasher’s drain, strainers, and filters, to see if there is any blockage causing the problems. Clean everything and keep your eyes on the next cycle to ensure that the appliance drains properly. And when you notice that your dishwasher is draining water before using it, call an expert to have it fixed.

Overfilling/not filling at all

The above issues come as a result of several factors such as damaged drain hoses, bad door seals, faulty float switch and problems with the inlet valve. These factors can all disrupt the proper flow of water in the dishwasher. Before running another load, make sure to check all of the above parts. This will also help you determine whether to call a dishwasher repair technician.

Leaking of water and detergent during washing  

A dishwasher may leak detergent and water when in use. This could be due to a broken dishwasher door and is something to be handled by pros.

The above problems can really frustrate you and at the worst, they can cause damage to your house if not fixed. If your dishwasher becomes faulty, contact Puget sound Appliance Tech. Our specialists will assess the problem for you and get the dishwasher back into its working condition.

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