SubZero refrigerators are the perfect choice for any upscale kitchen.

Their wide range of full size models, including classic, designer and PRO models, come in stainless steel or custom panel ready finish. With features such as LED lighting, spill-proof shelf technology, self-closing drawers and a filter for the ice maker, SubZero refrigerators are sure to make your kitchen look amazing. Moreover, their NASA-inspired air purification system removes mold spores, germs, viruses and gasses from spoiling food to keep your food fresher for longer.

To add to your convenience, the glass door of their bottom-freezer refrigerator allows you to take a peek and decide what to cook for dinner. SubZero has been first to market in the luxury refrigeration industry and continues to provide top-notch performance that is sure to make any kitchen look good.

What could go wrong?

Common repairs made on SubZero refrigerators can include issues with the fan not working properly, temperature sensors or thermostats malfunctioning, compressor, evaporator, or condenser issues, problems with the door seal, unclean condensers, and clogged drainage lines. The most common issue that arises is a failure to cool items properly. This can be solved by cleaning the door seal if there is grime present and checking the temperature settings on the refrigerator. If all else fails, a clogged drain line could be the culprit and should be checked to ensure it is clear and not frozen.

Overall, SubZero refrigerators are reliable and efficient appliances that can last for many years when cared for properly. PLUS, you can always call or email if you ever experience a problem with your refrigerator. We are SubZero SPECIALISTS!

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