General Electric Monogram Refrigerator Repair

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Have you ever gone to open the fridge and notice that the inside doesn’t seem as cool as it ought to or there’s a puddle of water on the floor? Does your GE Monogram refrigerator buzz, rattle, squeak, or knock all the time? Is your water dispenser out of commission?

If any of this sounds familiar, your GE Monogram refrigerator may need some repair work done. Below are some refrigerator repair tips that can help you suss out what the problem is. Here at Puget Sound Appliance Tech, we’re always ready to get you back in business!

If It’s Not Cooling

If your GE Monogram refrigerator stops working, there could be a few causes. One of the first culprits could be the condenser coils, which are located at the back of your refrigerator on the bottom. These coils cool down air that passes over them, and if they get dirty, they may not work as effectively.

If your condenser coils are clean, you may have a problem with your condenser fan motor or your evaporator fan motor. These draw air over the condenser and evaporator, respectively, helping to cool off the air in your fridge. If those are in good shape, you may want to look at your start relay or capacitor or your temperature control thermostat or board.

If the Water Dispenser Stops Working

GE Monogram refrigerators come with a water dispenser in the door, and if this stops working, the first place you’ll want to look is the water tube in the door. This can sometimes freeze if the freezer is kept at too low a temperature, jamming the line. Disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and blow air through it; if you can’t blow through it, try thawing the line.

If your line seems clear, you may have a defective water inlet valve. Low water pressure from your house supply can also make it difficult for the fridge to pump water all the way up to the water dispenser. If these don’t seem to be the issue, your dispenser control board or switch may be defective.

If It Gets Noisy

If your refrigerator starts making noise, listen to what sort of noise it’s making. A squeaking or rattling inside the fridge could point to a circulation fan. A rapid tapping noise could mean there’s ice building up around your fan and you need to call Puget Sound Appliance Tech to get it resolved.

Buzzing or humming noises are normal for a GE Monogram refrigerator, but if they become louder than conversation level, it could indicate an internal light bulb about to burn out. It may also indicate an issue with the compressor, especially if it’s accompanied by a knocking sound. If you notice a loud clicking noise, there may be a problem with your condenser coil, start relay, or ice maker.

If It’s Leaking Water

If your refrigerator starts leaking water, the first thing to do is identify where on the fridge the water is coming from. If there’s water coming out the front of the refrigerator, you likely have a blocked drain line. If it seems to be coming from the back, there’s a good chance a damaged water valve or line is the problem.

If the leak seems to be coming from the bottom center of the refrigerator, you may have a cracked drain pan. These are difficult to replace, so call Puget Sound Appliance Tech if you suspect this is the problem. If the water is coming from inside the fridge itself, an interior drain line, which runs behind the crisper drawers, is likely the culprit.

If It’s Freezing Food

You may notice that food you take out of your refrigerator is frozen, not just chilled. If this is the case, start by taking a look at your temperature control thermostat. This device manages what temperature your fridge stays at, and if it’s malfunctioning, it could think the fridge is warmer than it actually is.

Your temperature control thermostat gets its readings from the thermistor, which could also cause your GE Monogram fridge to freeze if it starts malfunctioning. Your main control board or temperature control board could also be likely culprits. If your damper, which opens and closes to let the proper amount of cold air into your refrigerator compartment, is stuck open, it could cause your refrigerator to freeze.

If It Runs Constantly

You should notice your GE Monogram refrigerator turning off and on in cycles as it works to keep your food at the appropriate temperature. If you notice that it’s running all the time, check your condenser coils. Dirty coils can make your refrigerator work harder and have to stay on all the time to maintain the needed temperature.

Your freezer temperature settings could also cause your fridge to run all the time if you have it set to above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Your defrost heater assembly could be causing the problem, or your defrost thermostat might be faulty. It’s also worth taking a look at the door gasket to make sure warm air isn’t leaking into the fridge and making it work harder.

Discover More Refrigerator Repair Tips

When your GE Monogram refrigerator starts malfunctioning, it can be frustrating. Take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and look at what the symptoms are. Knowing what the symptoms are can help you find the problem.

If you need help repairing your GE Monogram refrigerator, give us a call at Puget Sound Appliance Tech. We have expert technicians who can quickly and safely fix the problem and get you back in business in time for dinner. Contact us today and discover what an elevated consumer experience is like.

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