Wolf is a highly recommended brand of fridges that big-box appliance retailers frequently recommend to discerning homeowners. If you are looking for a mix of high-performance, impeccable style, and concrete durability, a Wolf fridge might be right for you.

Style and Substance with Integrated Fridge Technology

Wolf fridge manufacturers are extremely innovative, and their imbrication of style and technology has helped distinguish them from their competitors. Their integrated fridge design gives you all of the practicality of a heavy-duty refrigerator without spoiling the kitchen’s aesthetic with a bulky chrome appliance. The integrated fridge practically disappears in your kitchen. With no visible hinges or grilles, your fridge can be tucked behind artful cabinet doors, or disguised as drawers.

Endless Options with Wolf


Wolf offers a unique line and styles in the fridge market.

Some models and collections include:

  • The Built in Fridge.
  • The Pro 48 Refrigerator.
  • The French Collection
  • The Showstopper
  • And more!


Understanding your Wolf Warranty

Wolf also includes a very attractive warranty when you purchase fridges and other appliances from their brand. With each purchase, you receive an extra full year of completely covered warranty. Their experienced and reliable sellers will make the process of adopting your new Wolf fridge a breeze!

You choose the Wolf brand because you value quality, but even the best products can break down over time. Excessive use, damage incurred during shipping or installation, mistakes made during the manufacturing process, or simply the effects of Father Time can add up and leave your fridge working less efficiently than it used to. Rest easy knowing that Puget Sound Appliance Tech is available 24/7 for all your Wolf fridge needs.


What are some common Wolf fridge problems?

  • Blow indicator lights.
  • Inconsistent temperature.
  • Error codes.
  • Gas-like smells.

How To Assess Broken Wolf Fridges At Home

Although hiring a trained professional is always a more safe and reliable option, if you are in a pinch, you can do some simple tasks to see if you can assess your Wolf fridge issues on your own.


Always unplug your fridge before doing any work on it!

Check for leaks, as this could mean there is a faulty wire or a worn out or broken door seal. If your fridge simply is not turning on, check the temperature control and the compressor overload relay. If your Ice Maker is not producing ice, inspect the water fill tubes.


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