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2019 Kitchen Appliance Trends !

In today’s digital world, there are a number of changes consumers are making in their daily lives based on their growing access to technology, especially in the realm of new devices. In many homes, the kitchen not only represents a place where food is stored and prepared, but also comfort, family, and togetherness. For this reason, it is not uncommon for many popular remodels to be done in primarily in the family kitchen before other rooms in the home. Although counter-tops, back splashes, and cabinetry trends are in a state of constant change, the main expense and time spent in the kitchen comes down to the most important element: the appliances.

Modern appliances are focused on creating a stronger connection with today’s newest tech trends, as well as an alternative to some regular cooking methods. This is why the latest trends in kitchen appliances are so popular among tech savvy consumers. In 2019, the focus on home appliances can give us an idea of what we can expect to see in upcoming smart homes, as well as inspire us to think more outside the box when it comes to our everyday tasks.

Here are a few features that are sure to satisfy both your sweet tooth, and your Bluetooth.

Kitchens just got Steamier

Steam ovens provide a great new way to prepare food without baking out nutrients like traditional radiant cooking. They infuse the food with moisture as well as offer a squeaky clean alternative to oven sanitation. Steam cooking is a new household feature, so keep in mind that there is a bit of a learning curve and that you’ll have to educate yourself on the overall mechanics. If you take the time and patience to experiment, the results are certainly worth it! 

Companies are currently offering a steam cook or steam assist feature in more traditional ovens, however these models will offer restricted steam cooking capabilities in contrast to a real steam oven. The price tag for a steam oven doesn’t come cheap as they can range from $2600 for a Jenn Air upwards of $8200 for a Gaggenau. They all come with a variety of features to keep in mind such as guided cooking programs, voltage, Wi-Fi Connectivity, sous vide, self-cleaning, and whether or not they are plumbed or non-plumbed units.

The benefits of steam ovens compared to their radiant counterparts is considerable as they have been shown to preserve the vitamins and minerals in foods, do not require as much oil, are less likely to cross flavors when steaming multiple dishes simultaneously, and  foods maintain their moisture and texture without over drying.

Because of the heavy price tag, make sure you do diligent research before purchasing a steam oven for your family’s kitchen.

Refrigerator Make-Over

As far as all kitchen appliances are concerned, the fridge is getting the most upgrades in 2019. From appearance to overall usability, there are a number of features you can look forward to in today’s changing modern appliance market.

First, let’s address appearance. Stainless steel is out and black matte finishes are in this year. So what’s so great about a black matte finish? For one, they are fingerprint resistant, which is a wonderful feature especially in home with kids. They also have a sleek modern look that makes your kitchen look clean and seamless.

In addition to color, fridges are gaining smarter features such a Keurig K-cup maker, Bluetooth capabilities, smart doors, temperature controlled food zones, a variable-capacity compressor that ensures food remains fresh, and so much more.  

A new fridge can leave a hole in your wallet, as a KitchenAid Built-In Side by Side Refrigerator with a Black Stainless Matte finish can run over $10,000, and a lesser LG model runs around $2500. So do your research to find which model best fits the needs of your family and budget.

Make Way For Bluetooth Sync and Wi-Fi

In August of 2015, GE released a new feature that is now found in many modern appliances across the board: The Chef Connect. The Chef Connect feature was a revolution in kitchen appliances four years ago, and other brands have since jumped onboard. Using Bluetooth technology, GE created this feature to allow users to communicate wirelessly with the over the range microwave to sync the clocks on the range and microwave, turn on the lights beneath the over-the-range microwave when a consumer turns on a burner, and turn on the microwave’s vent fan when the stove-top is also on.

Since then, GE has added gesture controls and sous vide to their induction cook-tops, Wi-Fi enabled ovens that work with IFTTT, and other state of the art features that competitors are also implementing. For instance, in 2016, Samsung’s strikingly futuristic Wi-Fi oven and touchscreen fridge joined the Smart Home movement and has continued to evolve since. Using the touch screen, you can sync your family’s calendars, stream music, watch television, and even look inside the fridge via a well-placed camera without opening the door. This feature allows you to check inventory via your phone from the grocery store.

Samsung has also integrated their Smart Home features to cook-tops and ovens as well. You can use your phone to see if your stove is on, and to program oven settings, cook times and temperatures, too.

Because many appliances are being manufactured with a Wi-Fi included feature, allowing you to control everything from the comfort of your smartphone, you’ll be able to set the lighting of your kitchen, the temperature of your fridge, the temperature and timing of your ovens and stove tops, the timers on your microwave, and much more from the ease of your own smartphone.

The ability to sync with a wireless Bluetooth device is a powerful new way to get things started in the kitchen, but many of these appliances come at a steep price, so make sure to research each appliance thoroughly before taking the Wi-Fi enabled plunge.

The Power of Touch

Today, we live in a world of smartphone and tab touch screens, so why not implement this technology into the kitchen? Not only do they look great, but they allow for functionality and operator guidance.

Appliance engineers are now tapping into the influence of those intuitive taps, swipes, and presses, and applying them to replacing knobs and buttons on stoves, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves and coffee makers.  And the most important technology involved in this transformation lies in the same surface we use every day: the glass that fronts every screen and switch.

Because of our relationship with today’s phones/tabs, touch panels are simple to understand, clean easily, and are built to last all while offering consumers the same confidence as knobs and buttons. These control panels and touch switches are both instinctive and striking, and their addition in home appliances is leading to easy communication between the appliance and the user.

Vacuum Sealing Drawers

Remember that Vacuum Food Saver you saw at Costco ten years ago? Well they’re back, and not where you’d think! Vacuum food sealers have been around for a while, yet due to their high cost, it was a luxury some families had to do without. Today, appliance manufacturers have integrated new built-in vacuum sealers, which can be built into your cabinetry or appliance space. Now you can keep food fresher longer from the convenience of your smarter kitchen as well as use the sous vide cooking method!

Sous vide

Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a French cooking technique that translates to “under vacuum”, and is a low-temperature, vacuum-sealed cooking method that has grown popular with high end restaurant chefs because it produces exquisitely tender, flavor-infused dishes. It is popular because it utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality results.

Today, this technique can be used by home cooks with the availability of affordable and easy-to-use sous vide precision cooking equipment made my many appliance manufacturers. The benefits of using the sous vide method include: precise temperature control and consistency, improved overall taste due to moisture (the food cooks in its own juices), waste reduction (food doesn’t dry out), and flexibility, as you don’t have to slave over the oven or stove to avoid overcooking your meal.

In Conclusion

Many appliance manufacturers are making it easier than ever to create meals that you and your family can enjoy from home using today’s growing wave of tech-based trends.  From a built-in vacuum sealer to the ability to control your stove-top without ever needing to turn a knob, today’s modern appliances add ease and efficiency to the overall kitchen cooking, cleaning, and storing experience.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these new and evolving trends in home appliances, and if you have any issues or concerns regarding your smart or not so smart appliances, call us at Puget Sound Appliance Tech. We make sure to keep up with the latest repair trends and can save you time and money on your appliance maintenance needs!

We hope these tips were helpful, and if you have any issues or concerns regarding your appliances, send us an email or give us a call! We’re here to help! 

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