You may have experienced the frustrations when your food have all been cut and prepared but your gas stove does not work thus hindering the last stage of preparing food to feed your family. Without prior experience in appliance repairs, it is unlikely the problem can be rectified on the spot. Read on for information to troubleshoot the most common gas stove problems in a few minutes. However, remember to be careful before you attempt to do any troubleshooting of your gas stove and leave the fixing to the experts lest there be a deadly gas leak!

Surface burner will not light up

A common problem with the gas stove is the surface burner will not light up and always require relighting. This could be due to clogged potholes of the surface burner or the pilot light had been extinguished. If your gas stove comes with an electric igniter, you should ensure that it has been plugged in or if the circuit breaker is faulty and has been tripped. You should clean the potholes of the surface burner on a regular basis so as to ensure that they will not be clogged and caused the surface burner not to light up.

Extinguished pilot light

You may wish to clean the pilot light opening if it had been extinguished or continually causing the flames of your surface burner to go out. Like the potholes of your surface burner, you need to clean the pilot light opening regularly to prevent it from being clogged and not aiding your surface burner to light up. Alternatively, you may wish to try adjusting the flame of the pilot light to aid the lighting up of your surface burner.

Surface burner flame

When the flames of your surface burner flames appear to be weaker than normal, the cause could be the clogged potholes or flame openings of your surface burner. Besides clogged flame openings, weak flames may also be the result of too little air or gas that is getting to the burner. You may wish to adjust the air shutter to check if the problem is the air amount to the burner. However, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance if you suspect that not enough air or gas amount is the cause of your weak surface burner flames. Similarly, if you are experiencing noisy surface burner flames, it may be due to too much air or gas which should be left to the professionals to help you determine the right amount of gas to be released for the right flames to cook your food.

Gas odor

If you smell gas when the pilot flame is out, you should immediately ventilate your house by opening all the windows before you relight the pilot light. If the gas odor persists when the pilot flame has been lit up, it may indicate that one of your burners have not been completely or properly shut off. You should check all burners and if you have verified that they have been turned off completely, then turn off the main gas supply to the stove. After ventilating your house, you should immediately call the gas company for assistance with the gas leak.

Gas burner control knob

You should check that you have turned the gas burner control knob to the right starting point to turn on the burner and ignite the flames. If your knob is not turned to the correct start position, your surface burner may not light up.

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