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10 Modern Trends in Kitchen Appliances

Today’s kitchen is yesterday’s dining experience. More modern families are creating and designing kitchens that cater to their inner chef, which has changed the way we get together to eat and socialize. This is due to more families choosing to eat in, which is made possible with the availability of commercially similar appliances that boast super-smart technology.

1 – French Door Ovens

French door ovens were quite large and expensive in the past. Today, however, French door ovens are not only stylish, but built to fit in to smaller residential and condo sized kitchens. Not only can they be built into limited spaces, but many are equipped with Bluetooth technology which can be operated remotely from the convenience of your smartphone, tab, or laptop. Imagine being able to control your oven’s functions remotely after let’s say getting stuck in traffic so that you can get dinner done in time.

2 – Touch-and-Swipe Controls

You touch, swipe, and tap every day to access information your modern smartphone. Why not apply the same technology to your appliances? Touch-and-Swipe controls allow you to simply swipe your finger around the curve in order to adjust the heat from each element as you cook. On cook top elements, radiant heat is a thing of the past, as induction heating heats your meals through an electromagnetic field. This improves the temperature quality and control of the unit, which makes cooking faster and easier.

3 – White is Back

Remember that white top/bottom fridge you grew up with in the 80’s-90’s? These are nothing like that. Inspired by today’s sleek white backed smart phones, modern appliances are creating digital surfaces backed with white glossy finishes. Manufacturers such as LG and Whirlpool have come out with super modern icy high- tech finishes that are modeled after the design of today’s smart phone. They offer a clean look with modern touch features that you’re sure to enjoy.

4 – Steam Ovens

Remember the oven taking 30 minutes to reach 400 degrees so that you can finally heat up your favorite grocery store pizza? Steam ovens have sped up the heating process, saving you time and money on your energy bill. Not only do steam ovens heat up much faster than their convection oven counterparts, they also have a variety of modes that allow you to control the process of retaining the flavor and quality of each unique meal. You can also program the oven to prepare and have the dish ready at a specific time. The oven will adjust the cooking process in order to deliver the meal at the moment you want it to.

5 – Sous Vide

Looking to make a five-star restaurant meal? Sous Vide is a technique that has been popularized in many high-end commercial kitchens. Many modern cooktop models are also sporting Sous Vide fixtures complete with Bluetooth controls. You can really show off your home chef skills with this slow cooking temperature controlled water bath method, which has been successful in retaining the texture, flavor, and overall quality of some of the hardest to prepare dishes. You also don’t have to stay chained to the stove, as the Bluetooth technology allows you to control the process from your smart device.

6 – Vintage Appliances are making a Come-back

Retro-themed appliances are all the rage in many modern kitchens. Consumers love the fun colors and vintage features that appliances in the 1950’s sported in many envy-able kitchens. Companies like Daewoo, Smeg, Heartland, and Big Chill are making appearances in hot show rooms such as Williams-Sonoma. Fridges, ranges, microwaves, ovens, and even dishwashers come in hues that are certain to catch your eye such as Cherry Red, Sunny Yellow, Orange Sherbet, and Mint Green. Some companies also allow you to customize the colors and features of each component so if you’ve always wanted a pastel pink oven with rose-gold handles, it’s possible.

7 – Home Beer Brewing

Why go out when you can stay in? As I mentioned earlier, many modern families have moved from eating out to eating in. So why not drink in as well? Today, you can install your own microbrewery in the ease of your home or condo kitchen. Units vary in size so that you won’t have to lose too much counter space if you have a smaller kitchen set up. You can inspire your inner craft beer aficionado as well as entertain family and friends with brewing sessions all from the ease of your Smartphone.

8 – Synced Appliances

In today’s modern world, Bluetooth technology and the advent of the Smartphone have transformed the way we use kitchen appliances. A few of years ago, GE came out with a technology called ChefConnect™, which syncs your appliances. Since then GE has developed modernizations that aim to coordinate cooking times for the range, microwave, and oven so that meals can be prepared and served the same time or on command.

9 – Dedicated Fridge Storage Zones

Back in the day we relied on rudimentary plastic crispers, egg holders, and meat and cheese drawers to keep different food odors from mingling.  Today the modern refrigerator takes the hassle out of trying to fit and store different food items in both the fridge and the freezer. These uniquely designed storage zones allow for easy placement as well as temperature controls that keep your food fresh and ready. Some systems boast technologies such as settings to thaw meats, and the perfect drawer to store your grocery store pizza.

10 – Commercial Appliances

Need a more industrial kitchen that’s setup to feed the masses? Well, lucky for you, many others are also following this trend. Because more families are choosing to eat in rather than out, their kitchens are taking a beating as a result. To mitigate this heavy usage, companies like Big Chill are selling professional restaurant worthy equipment that can far outlast their residential counterparts. You can expect appliances such as heavy-duty stainless-steel units, ovens with full hoods, and a variety of textured metals that are constructed to take on commercial level use.

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