Since you always rely on your dryer to help you manage your regular routines, when it breaks down, the inconvenience can simply be profound. While some issues with your clothes dryer require the expertise of the specialists, simple troubleshooting is all you require to get your clothes dryer running again. If the dryer is malfunctioning, it will definitely put a crimp in your daily chores.

There is good news, though; there are simple steps you can take to restore your appliance to its full functionality without costing you time, money or a fortune. And in order to do it right, you first need to know the cause of the problem. Does your dryer heat up and tumble? Does it start? Are clothes taking long to dry? Below are some quick and easy repair solutions:

Make sure your dryer is plugged in

This may seem like an irrelevant point, but the dryer performance complaints that usually end by plugging the dryer’s cord into the outlet are just more common than you would actually think. Just check the cord and see if it is securely plugged into the outlet.

Clean the lint trap

Sometimes the clothes take too long to dry and in such a situation, the culprit may be a full lint trap. You should note that with a full lint trap, air cannot circulate as expected and your dryer is forced to work even longer than it is necessary to dry the clothes. Also, a clogged lint trap can cause overheating of your appliance, thus putting it at risk for a fire. Clean your lint filter immediately you are done with a load so as to prevent hazards and to keep appliance at optimal levels.

Are there blown fuses?

Due to the model or age of your appliance, it can use lots of power. The use of a lot of power can lead to tripped circuits and blown fuses, especially if your home has older electrical systems. While it is easy to reset the breaker or to replace the fuse, the issue may keep on repeating itself, so it is prudent to contact a professional electrician.

Check the exhaust vent and dryer hose

You could be having a clean lint trap, but clothes are still taking long to dry. This is the time to clean the exhaust vent and the dryer hose. When these parts take a long period of time without being cleaned, they can cause the lint to accumulate, thus blocking the hose and preventing the exhaust trap from opening. A vacuum cleaner and a long handled bristle brush can come in handy in cleaning out the excess lint build up.

Consult the dryer repair manual

All may not be an easy walk in the park. So, if all the above fails, you need to check the appliance repair manual. There is a list of the common troubleshooting steps in there, and you may want to give it a shot. The manual also comes with part descriptions and numbers for commonly replaced parts. Most of the dryer repair manuals also give a breakdown of proper dryer maintenance guideline, so as you to ensure you keep the dryer in its best working condition.

Get a dryer repair specialist

As mentioned earlier, some dryer issues are more complex than others and are better handled by specialists. Extensive repairs issues involving gas dryer or those involving the electric circuitry within the appliance may be too dangerous, so are better left to the professionals. At Puget sound Appliance Tech, we understand how best convenience meets reliability and that is why we work around the clock. We offer same day dryer repair services, so contact us today for your dryer repair solutions!


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