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This is Part 3 in the series –
Top Brand Refrigerator Problems – Seattle WA & King County WA

10 Signs That You Need Refrigerator Repair

Despite what we may want to happen, there is a time in the life of every appliance when your old, reliable refrigerator is on its way to the recycling center.

Maybe it should be replaced. Maybe you should upgrade to a newer one with more features. Either way, the refrigerator you’ve got just isn’t fulfilling all of your family’s needs – or cooling what’s in it, to be honest.

Here are some of the more important warning signs to look out for:

1 It’s really old – as in, more than 10 years old

If your refrigerator remembers the 80’s (or earlier), then it’s time to award it the Medal of Valor – and seriously think of replacing it. Even if you have scrupulously maintained it and it still cycles like a champ, an older refrigerator will be a huge energy hog compared to a modern one and can be responsible for some hefty power bills.

2. Your power bills are skyrocketing

As mentioned in #1, an older refrigerator can cost much more to operate than a new one that’s far more energy efficient. If this sounds familiar it’s time to start evaluating models for a new one, taking into consideration the number of Energy Stars it’s rated for.

3. It’s noticeably noisier than when it was new

People tend to get used to noisy refrigerators – their powerful hum, rattling, or clunking noises become familiar signs that it’s working and that your expensive food and beverages are safe and cold.


When you can hear the compressor cycle turn on from the other side of the house, that’s a problem.

 4. It runs constantly

You do not want to know the reality of the joke. “Is your refrigerator running? Instead of catching it, you’d better pick out a replacement for it.

The methodology behind an operating refrigerator is that when the thermostat climbs above a set temperature level, the motor turns on and runs the compressor until the refrigerator reaches the temperature setting and then the motor shuts off. This cycle repeats numerous times during the refrigerator’s life cycle.

If your refrigerator’s motor runs constantly, then it’s trying to do its job – and failing. It’s also using far more energy than it was designed to use.

We recommend Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor, which keeps the temperature stable by speeding up and slowing down when needed, rather than abruptly jumping from on to off. This helps use much less energy over time, and tends to reduce wear and tear on one of the refrigerator’s most critical components.

5. The door seals are going, going, GONE

Have you noticed that it takes practically NO EFFORT to open your refrigerator? That may seem convenient when your hands are full, but it’s also going to make your energy bill climb as a trade-off!

That’s not convenience, it’s a problem. A tight refrigerator door seal is designed so that the cool air stays in and the warm outside air stays out.

A simple test can tell you how secure your seals are. Take a piece of paper and close the refrigerator door on it. If you can pull it out without any resistance – or if it just falls out! – then the seals are not functioning and you should start browsing for either a repair service (US, RIGHT?) or a new fridge…

6. It’s just TOO small – or TOO big

People’s needs change as they go through life. If your family grows larger, such as a newlywed couple’s might, and the refrigerator is straining to keep all of the food fresh, you’ll need to start shopping for one that can handle a much larger load.

Or it’s possible that you or a family member need a fridge for medical purposes. Some medications may require a specialized storage section only found in a bigger or specialized model refrigerator.

On the other hand, if your circumstances change so that suddenly you find your refrigerator is so big that it’s half empty all the time, then it may be time to downsize. There’s no penalty for replacing it with a smaller unit that is more efficient.

7. You want to try new features

Newer refrigerators – especially models introduced in the last 5 years – have many amazing features. Some are useful and some are just fun.
– Cooling drawers with adjustable climate settings
– Amazing door-in-door design that opens a part of the fridge instead of the whole door, or providing immediate access to certain sections
– Ice and water dispensers that don’t require opening the door (or handling trays)
– Other features designed for convenience, speed, and/or energy efficiency abound

That said, some of these features can use slightly more energy than a regular refrigerator without those features.

8. The refrigerator is hot – but not in a good way

This is basically the opposite of what refrigerators are meant to do, if either the inside OR the outside of your refrigerator is warm, something is definitely wrong.

This is not a symptom that you want to ignore!

We recommend an immediate service call to determine what’s causing the heat buildup so that it does not either spoil all of your food or become a safety hazard to your home and family.

All electrical appliances generate some amount of heat as a by-product of operating. In a refrigerator-freezer, this includes the motor at the rear of the unit. When it starts to get hot – or uncomfortably hot – around the back of the refrigerator, it should be investigated IMMEDIATELY.

9. Your food is going bad while IN the refrigerator

Even if there’s very little food kept in just a single section of the refrigerator, food that’s going bad well before its pull date is likely a sign of a defective refrigerator or possibly uneven cooling.

If everything in your refrigerator is spoiling unreasonably early, it may be worth considering a replacement. The time and expense you spend monitoring the food is not something YOU are supposed to do – the REFRIGERATOR is supposed to keep things preserved.

10. You need to clean and/or defrost it – A LOT

Manual defrosting isn’t something that should be required – especially since all modern refrigerators of any size now include an auto-defrost cycle. Most new freezers are designed to be frost-free. If they start to resemble Antarctica before the defrost kicks in – or it NEVER kicks in – then something needs to be repaired or replaced.

Finally, most all refrigerators will need some cleaning now and then. But, if you find that you have to scrub the seals, mold, and/or mildew out of the corners then something is probably wrong. A new refrigerator has a non-toxic, antibacterial coating on its interior and can be a big help in keeping the refrigerator safe and sanitary.

If any of these issues are happening to you, Puget Sound Appliance Tech is available at 253-455-2080 and @
We have a tremendous amount of experience in repairing refrigerators in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Lynnwood, Lakewood, and other areas of King and Pierce County WA.

Please give us a call. We’re always happy to troubleshoot refrigerator problems, and to give you options on what’s needed to get your refrigerator back into top shape!


At Puget Sound Appliance Repair our Service Technicians know that high-end refrigerators like LG as well as Samsung, Viking, etc. require a lot of skill and experience!

LG’s Many Models and Features can also add to those challenges – but

Puget Sound Appliance Tech is a qualified local LG and Samsung Seattle appliance repair center. This means that you’ll not only get great rates and fast service, you’ll get your appliance repaired the right way, the first time you call. It’s important to remember that a major consideration in fixing appliances, is to get them fixed correctly the first time – so there won’t be a next time. This is why you want a trained, experienced LG & Samsung repair company to take care of any problems you may have with your appliances.

The advantage Puget Sound Appliance Tech has over many of the other appliance repair services in the area of Seattle & King County is our extensive experience and wide range of appliance and brands we are able to service because of this experience. Through continued training and experience, our services and technicians are the most highly skilled you’ll find, and also trained in new and current state-of-the-art repair processes.

Puget Sound Appliance Tech knows it’s important to keep up-to-speed with so many different brands out there today. That is why they continue to work hard to become the leader in appliance repairs in Seattle and King County. These LOCAL Seattle appliance repair are ready to meet your needs with a warm smile as well as a competitive service rate.

The best thing about hiring Seattle’s most skilled appliance technicians to repair your appliances is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your appliances will be repaired correctly, the first time, by a knowledgeable expert. Our technicians years of experience on many different appliance platforme, which help them to do the job right, and fast too. Puget Sound Appliance Tech technicians can fix refrigerators, washers & dryers, stoves, microwaves, and all other major appliances. Their specialty is LG and Samsung appliances, but they can repair any brand of appliance. Furthermore, they don’t just fix the current problem. THey also do a thorough diagnostic and provide tips and suggestions for maintaining your appliances to help avoid future service calls.

Puget Sound Appliance Tech’s business is keeping your appliances running for many years to come. Our goal is to build a relationship with our customers that keeps them coming back to any time they need appliance repairs or maintenance.


Seattle and King County area customers love our appliance service because:

  • High quality service – done right the first time

    Have very affordable rates

    Same day appointments available

    We do refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, stove repair, microwave repair and most other major appliances

    Fast service, and because we are highly experienced, the job is done right — fast!

    We take the time to answer any questions and explain things in plain language

    We treat our customers with respect! We get to know our customers and their appliances

    We can show you tips and methods on how to avoid appliance repairs and how to care for your appliances properly

We offer a free 10-year warranty on parts and labor. We use only Genuine Factory parts in your repair.

Give us a call to discuss any problems you may be having with your refrigerator. We’re happy to help determine what needs to be done, and to schedule a service call as soon as possible.

First time customers can also be eligible for a 20% discount on any repairs! Call for details!


We service the following brands of appliances in the Seattle & King County area:
LG Electronics
Magic Chef
Modern Maid
And More…

Puget Sound Appliance Tech in Seattle – King County has many years of experience in appliance repairs.
With all of your choices today for appliance service and repair, we are very thankful that you are considering utilizing our company for your repairs.

Puget Sound Appliance Tech is a LOCAL, family owned and operated appliance repair center for Seattle & King County as well as Tacoma & Pierce County. Some name brands we work with daily include LG Electronics, Samsung, Magic Chef and Haier.

A privately owned company, we offer a extra personal touch that comes from knowing our customers and the area where they live. We live there as well, in fact the owner himself who initially founded Puget Sound Appliance Tech is on our staff as a technician! As a highly skilled and experienced technician, he is not only familiar with the area but also a whole range of brands and appliances.

Puget Sound Appliance Tech’s repair service covers a whole range of appliances including:

• Refrigerators
• Ovens
• Stoves
• Washers
• Dryers
• Dishwashers 

Our well-trained technicians are constantly upgrading their skills and frequently attend training courses ensure our Seattle repair service is the best it can be.

Your Seattle and King County LG refrigerator appliance repair service – and your other appliances – will be in safe, capable hands with Puget Sound Appliance Tech.


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