Thermador stainless-steel fridges are designed for user convenience and efficiency, but is it possible that some of their high-tech features work against them?

Thermador fridges are recognized as the high-tech juggernaut of the home appliance world.

All Thermador fridges are well equipped with flat stainless steel panels and either Professional or Masterpiece handles. Thermador refrigerators store fresh meats, vegetables, and fruit at the perfect temperature. There are dozens of interesting features wrapped into every Thermador fridge, such as interior and exterior customization options, unparalleled tall door design, and concealed venting grille. Thermador fridges come in a variety of models with unique capabilities to accommodate the needs of any homeowner.

However, these advances come with a cost. Thermador fridges are equipped with sophisticated internal components, and when technology is more complicated, it has more potential for things to go wrong! Interior LED lighting and other technological features are more prone to malfunction and may require repairs over time.


Common problems with Thermador fridges include:

  • Cools too much/little
  • Smells, rattles or leaks
  • Door does not seal properly
  • Fridge light stays on
  • Fridge does not defrost
  • Ice maker is not working

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How to Diagnose your Thermador fridge problems.

Safety first! Before you attempt to inspect your fridge make sure that you unplug it!

Noisy. Troubleshoot the location of the noise in order to repair it.

Leaking. Could be a faulty water inlet valve or a worn out door seal.

Will not start. Check the temperature control or the compressor overload relay.

Ice Maker (no ice). Inspect the water fill tubes, inlet valve, and the ice maker.

Similar to other fridges, Thermador fridges malfunction over time. If this happens to you and you are stressed trying to diagnose the problem, use the tips provided above for assistance!

Having trouble with your Thermador fridge? Don’t stress just use the tips above to help you diagnose the problem you are having or call Puget Sound Appliance Tech at 253-455-2080 our technicians are experts in the field.

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